Should Peterson Be Allowed to Return to Teaching Job?

According to a recent news article on WAOW, the Merrill teacher and coach, Jay Peterson, will be able to return to work for the Merrill School District next year, after being fired last year for possession of marijuana.

I don't know how others feel about this, but, I am not so sure that I am okay with it.

Peterson was one of the teachers that was in the Antigo Drug ring bust.

So, now they are saying that if he follows the rules of his conviction, has drug tests done and pays back $5,000 that he received while on leave that he may return to work.

We wonder why so many kids ending up doing drugs, and yet we allow men who have been convicted of a drug crime to teach and coach them? I seriously can't see how it's right and I don't think he should be allowed to come back, at least not this soon.

What are we teaching our kids here, that you can be a teacher, do drugs, get busted, and then a year or so later, go back to work like nothing? I guess maybe I just don't get it.

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NO NO NO!!! Other people who were busted for drugs were ruined. That also includes our children. Why is he NOT SERVING TIME just like our children that get busted!!!! Who does he know in thepolice dept.,Judges,and lawyers that are protecting him. He is a criminal who was poisining our children,or Gods sacks!!!!

Personally don't know the guy. However you're making extraordinary claims makes you look the fool. How was he poisoning the children??? Oh that's right he wasn't. He was charged with possesion of Cannabis which in most states doesn't get anyone any "time". Most states will not even arrest someone for a small amount of Cannabis. Nobody is protecting him they just realize it's not really a crime in the US any longer and the old drug war is in it's dying stages.

If he satisfies the law and completes his obligations let him work.

Another example of the fall out of Walker's Act 10. The school district can hire who ever they want, even convicted drug addicts.

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